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WWN has created a business and personal networking organization of loyal, enlightened, powerful and affluent members empowered to foster success in all aspects of each individual’s life.

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Matthew Bennick, WWN Luminary, All Blue Everything Manufacturing

Putting the WWN training into practice allowed me to rise above many limiting beliefs about myself. Since joining WWN I’ve created my own products, brand, and online business which generate income.  I am growing completely comfortable with technology despite a sparse knowledge of computers.  My marriage continues growing and my wife and I are moving forward with plans to move to the beach within 3 months.  I can now resolve any type of anxiety, anger or negative feeling within a day or two, compared to months of feeling down.  I can spot opportunities for making money in areas that I used to overlook.  I have formed a chief goal for my life, and broke it down into achievable steps.  I’ve learned to monetize on a life long passion for playing music.  I have learned to be more thankful and respectful, and enjoy life to the fullest!”

Patrick Robinson, WWN Luminary, Robinson Group International/Kitson Arts Alliance


“We all need this training in today’s globally oriented business climate . . . WWN supplies the right knowledge and tools to help you change for the better.  I hope you become a Member or Luminary of WWN and watch your life change forever.  If you join, you will never be the same!”

Chris Brinkley, WWN Luminary, Silvia Consultants


Why do I love the World Wealth Network?  Well first of all, I have to say that without the World Wealth Network I would not have come to know some of the best people I have ever met in my life.  This club has done for me more than I think I could ever pay back in my lifetime.  Not only building my confidence, but also giving me friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  We are not some random people in a club talking about silly topics.  We are family that is here to help each other through any challenge or situation that comes our way.  I have gone from a mediocre guy that was afraid to even stand up for myself into an owner of a company and a leader in my field.  I have people that look up to me, look to me for advice and I continue to want to pay it back to them.  This club is not just a monthly fee and a few phone calls a month.  It is the way to learn how to be a better person and how to stay motivated so you can accomplish all of your dreams.  Thank you World Wealth Network for everything you have given me!

Become a WWN Member for $1000 initiation fee and $150 monthly membership dues. Membership gets you all of the benefits listed on the Member Benefits page that WWN currently has to offer as well as all upcoming Member benefits. Please see the WWN Membership Agreement for further details.

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