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People set personal and professional goals regularly.  They want a new job.  They want to make more money.  They want to meet the partner of their dreams.  Often, people will set goals for their bodies, but struggle with the process and give up.  In fact, fitness clubs rely on new members not showing up to use the club’s facilities.  If every member did show up every day, there wouldn’t be enough room or machines for all the paying customers.  Fitness clubs absolutely bet on people paying for their services and then never using them.

It has been proven through clinical trials for decades that the body responds directly to the mind’s commands.  Read about the “placebo” effect and you’ll understand just how powerful the mind can be; even with surgery.  You can consciously affect your biology to varying degrees, depending on your ability, confidence, focus and passion for the results.

However, when you don’t consciously direct your body to perform, your unconscious mind takes over.  It directs your body according to tried and true behaviors and beliefs that you’ve experienced, witnessed and carefully crafted throughout your life; habits.  This also means that since you’re not consciously directing your body, the influence of others and the world around you is much more available; aging, disease, injury, discomfort, stress, etc.

When you consciously give your body a direct command and remain focused on it long enough to develop a new habit, it responds miraculously without question.  The discipline of remaining focused is a fading skill in modern society.  Six (6) second videos in online social media platforms are prime examples of the traditional rule for advertising and entertainment; stimulation is required every six (6) seconds or an audience will lose interest.  Every successful play, movie, television show, advertisement and radio program implements this wisdom to great effect.  The challenge is that society has created generations of adults and children who lack the ability to focus for more than a few seconds.

Medical studies have confirmed that the human body regenerates every single one of its trillions of cells every ten (10) years, save the initial four (4) cells created when the egg split.  Even teeth, eyes and bones are constantly regenerating every decade.  This means you have the opportunity to become a completely new person every cycle of regeneration.  If you can focus your mind long enough to form new healthy habits, you can literally reshape your biology, one cell at a time.

To master this level of discipline, you must constantly be setting a new goal for your body.  It must be something you feel excited about, but feel certain you can achieve.  After reaching each smaller goal, celebrate and then set another goal right away.  This continuous flow of energy focused on growth and strengthening will help shape your body the way you desire.  You will develop the habit of directing your body to perform and become much more aware of how your body feels and should feel.  The results will astound you if you can maintain your focus long enough.

Remember to start small and grow steadily.  This is a ten (10) year goal to develop your new habits and completely reshape your vessel.  However, it may seem like a long time, but will prove easier and easier as time passes.  Small steps add up quickly, so begin now and keep track to remind yourself how far you’ve come.

Here’s to you continued successful expansion!

WWN Staff

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