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It’s official!

US FDA documents directly connect autism to the use of at least one vaccine; Sanofi Pasteur’s Diphtheria, Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Adsorbed (DTaP).

According to the vaccine’s official insert under “Additional Adverse Reactions,” from page six (6) through eleven (11), the following revelation is tucked away:


Additional Adverse Reactions

Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting. Because these events are reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not always possible to reliably estimate their frequencies or to establish a causal relationship to components of Tripedia vaccine.2 [1]”

Official documentation of the resultant traumas is finally exposed, yet no one knows or seems to care.  This information is hidden under mountains of tiny print that wreaks of strategic placement for concealment.  Why isn’t the world media shouting from the rooftops about this?

That’s not all.

Dr. Mercola’s latest installment has exposed the direct link of mumps vaccines and recent outbreaks of the very disease, mumps, that the vaccine was supposed to be suppressing.  Two separate law suits against drug cartel, Merk, were filed in 2010 by former virologists that worked at Merk alleging that the drug superpower engaged in improper testing and data falsification in efforts to artificially inflate the efficacy rating of the company’s mumps vaccine.

Recently, Harvard University had an outbreak of mumps with forty-four (44) students.  In 2009, over one-thousand (1000) people contracted mumps with seventy-seven percent of the patients having received the Merk mumps vaccine. In 2006, over six-thousand five-hundred people in the U. S. contracted mumps.  Again, most of these subjects had also received the mumps vaccine.  Some of this last group were college students who had received two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella or MMR vaccine.

The bottom line really is that big money makes medicine dangerous.  Add to the rampant vaccine money machine the fact that the third (3rd) greatest killer in the U. S. is medical error and the picture becomes increasingly gloomy.  It should be noted that not all medical malpractice cases are reported as medical error deaths because the subject may perish at home some time after the medical error has occurred.  If all those cases were included, medical error related deaths would be the number one (No. 1) killer in the U. S., easily beating out murder, drugs, gun related, automobile accidents, and other maladies combined.  The financial ramifications on the legal system and insurance companies would be catastrophic.  Entire industries would collapse, much like the real estate bubble from just a few years ago, so the desire to suppress the true nature of the challenge is easily discerned.

This information is meant to confirm the opinions of many holistic practitioners around the world; unless for traumatic circumstance, drugs and surgery should be avoided at all costs.  Also, there has never been more evidence supporting the idea that each individual should at all times be responsible for their own well-being; not a doctor, drug company, or government agency.  When left to their own devices, centralized agencies always become victims of corruption, greed and fraud. 

Never surrender your responsibility for your own experience.

Here’s to your continued successful expansion!

WWN Staff