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Have you ever noticed that nice people have all the good luck?  Well, of course they’re happier than me…you say…they’re rich, healthier, better looking, have more friends, travel more, have more exciting lives, come up with better ideas, win all the time, never have to struggle, get all the best things, have everything go their way, and basically never have to work hard.

They’re just luckier than me…you say.

Actually, nice people are definitely luckier, healthier, more wealthy, richer, and just about everything else simply because they’re fun to be around.  Studies consistently testify to the medical, financial, mental, and universal benefits of being pleasant.  In fact, pleasant people not only live longer, but have a far better quality of life while they’re alive.

Positive people attract more reasons to be positive.

Like attracts like, it’s a universal law that really needs no explanation.  Just look around and you’ll spot evidence of this occurring continuously.  Even mean people don’t like hanging around other mean people.  People who are skeptical, unhappy, or just mean tend to keep to themselves.  Why?  Because everything irritates them.  Happy people have the habit of seeking out other happy people.  Why?  Because they love sharing how good they feel and helping others feel good too.

For anyone seeking any form of success, having a pleasant disposition is vital to all your plans.  Employers try to hire pleasant employees.  Customers return to pleasant sales people.  Professionals like to help other pleasant professionals.  Investors consider attitude as much as experience.

Try making a least one person you run into smile or laugh every day.  When you finally are able to help several people each day smile or laugh, take note of how drastically your life changes and what kind of people are suddenly part of making your dreams come true.  This does not mean become a comedian all the time, unless that’s your goal.  It means be pleasant.  Be humorous.  Be fun.  Be happy.  Be likable.  Be joyous.  Have fun.  That’s why you’re here in the first place.

Being pleasant is far more important than you every imagined before.  Start now and enjoy the ride!

WWN Staff