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Have you ever thought about your level of self-confidence?

Most of the world is terrified of public speaking, yet most proficient public speakers are very successful.  Could there be a connection?  Of course there is or this blog wouldn’t exist.  Think for a moment about your willingness to stand in front of a large crowd and speak about anything…even things you know really well.  Are you scared?  Would you hesitate?  Would you run away screaming?

Be honest with yourself.

Try to measure your level of self-confidence on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely confident in all situations.  Write it down, then try to pin point which things in your life make you feel unsure, nervous, anxious, or down-right scared.  Those fears are keeping you from being truly free and successful.  How important is it for you to achieve your dreams, or would you rather keep your fears close to your heart?  Some people enjoy bragging about how scared things make them.  It’s fun, exciting, and makes them feel just a little special too.  Are you one of those?

The six deadly fears inherited by human beings from our ancestors are:

  1. The fear of poverty
  2. The fear of old age
  3. The fear of illness
  4. The fear of criticism
  5. The fear of loss of love of someone
  6. The fear of death

These six fears are engrained into our DNA for various reasons.  What’s more important is that you take stock of how much you let them guide your decisions.  Until you completely conquer these six fears and become truly self-confident, your dreams will always remain just that…dreams.

Take life by the horns and speak out for yourself and your goals!  Don’t hold back anymore!  Conquer your fears and stake your claim in the world right now!

WWN Staff