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If you pay any attention to all the celebrities in the world right now who can’t seem to stop complaining about being rich and famous, you might actually begin to believe that being rich and famous sucks.

One of the main reasons anyone is ever unhappy with success is because they forget to set a new goal.  The goal can be for them to achieve something new or simply to help others in some way.  Either way you choose, you must always have a new goal.

Let there be no doubt that being rich and famous does not in any way suck.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Wealth and celebrity brings opportunity and freedom.

People will forget about you.  They always do.  Look at all the presidents of the United States of America.  They were some of the most powerful people on the planet at one point or another.  Yet, how many can you actually name?  What about monarchs from Europe?  How many can you name and provide any real details about?  Even the few that stick with the planet’s psyche, like Alexander the Great, Achilles, Socrates or even Jesus Christ, have their stories adapted, changed, modified, twisted, censored and completely misrepresented according to the whims of the individual recounting their lives.  History will never get it right because the historians are not the person they’re observing.  Only you truly know you.

If you’re so easily forgotten, why bother at all?

Life is meant to be experienced; good or bad.  Everyone is on their own journey of experience.  Many make the mistake of assuming that everyone wants a pleasant journey.  Nothing could possibly be more mistaken.  Just read the news and you’ll discover that actually much of the world loves being miserable.  Be respectful of their choice, but it doesn’t mean you have to join it.  If you’re part of the community of people on this planet who enjoy being happy and having fun, then becoming rich and famous is the perfect way to allow yourself the resources to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

You take yourself with you everywhere – always.

Being rich and famous isn’t really the challenge for most people.  The real challenge is who they are right this moment.  Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  Are you hopeful or skeptical?  Do you like feeling good or feeling bad?  Wealth and fame only amplify these characteristics.  Usually, the world doesn’t take note of you or your character traits.  However, once the magnifying glass of wealth and fame are applied, every nuance of your behaviors and choices come under scrutiny.  Most people aren’t equipped to deal with this kind of mass judgement and retreat into themselves or lash out in frustration; only exponentially increasing the insinuations.  Be yourself at all times and leave others to their own paths.  Even paparazzi eventually fade away.

Being rich and famous is fun.

Having vast fortunes and celebrity opens doors to places in the world that most of the population would never get to experience simply because they’re so busy working to make ends meet.  Their schedules and budgets just don’t allow for the time to contemplate anything but where their next meal is coming from.  When you have time and resources, you can sit still and think quietly about what you’d like to do next.  You can even take the time to help a friend or neighbor out of a tight situation.  You can build a family or a neighborhood.  You can see the world, then take the time to write about it.  Life is constantly expanding, so you’ll never run out of things to do.  However, many celebrities forget about finding a new passion.  This often leads to depression or anger.  If you aren’t consciously directing your life, the world will do it for you, and you may not like what they choose.

Every station in life has the opportunity to be good or bad.  Having money and fame gives each recipient more opportunities to be either.  You have to choose, so choose wisely.

Here’s to your continued successful expansion!

WWN Staff