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A man who lived to be two-hundred and fifty-six (256) years old, shared his secrets to longevity before passing.  Most would say this story is a hoax, however, the man’s age was verified by a 1930’s New York Times article where professor Wu Chung-Chieh of Cheng Du University discovered Imperial Chinese government records congratulating Li Ching-Yuen on his one-hundred and fiftieth (150th) birthday in 1827, and his two-hundredth (200th) birthday in 1877.  A combination of Qui-gong breathing exercises, herbal diet, and mental discipline allowed Li to wed twenty-four (24) times and father over two hundred (200) children.  Another interesting fact about the longest known and documented living man was that he stood seven (7) feet tall: very unusual for the Asian community.  His height might suggest that his body continued to grow through most of his life, instead of decaying like others around him.

Li Ching-Yuen was asked what his secret was to longevity.  This was his reply:  Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon, and sleep like a dog.” These were the words of advice Li gave to Wu Pei-fu, the warlord, who took Li into his house to learn the secret of extremely long life.

Li lived to be two hundred and fifty six (256) years old.  According the Spirit Science article, which focuses mainly on Li’s diet, he lived a very full and healthy life all the way along, having fathered so many children and enjoying good health and a strong, clear mind.  The interesting point to be made here is the idea that it’s possible to live that long at all.  Li claimed he knew of a hermit he met who taught him the Qui-gong exercises and dietary suggestions for longevity.  This hermit claimed to have lived past five hundred (500) years old.  This was what Li considered normal.  No matter how fantastic or unbelievable our current culture might think this is, it was all Li knew.  Therein lies the real secret: belief.

Because Li had complete confidence in his ability to live a very long life, he did.  Because he knew others that had lived even longer, he knew personally that it was possible.  Because he didn’t question whether it was possible or not, Li simply kept on going as long as he wanted.  That’s how powerful we are.  Li’s story is a perfect example of manifestation.  Li didn’t ask questions of philosophy, he just kept living and enjoyed every step of it.

A quiet heart.

Stop searching for meaning in your life.  You’re here to enjoy life and everything it offers: everything.  Some things you’ll prefer more than others, and some things you’ll prefer to never experience again.  This is the whole process.  You’re only job in life is to keep defining your preferences and enjoy the ride.  This perspective alone may bring great peace to your life finally.  Instead of wondering what it’s all about, you’ll already know.  Now you’ll be able to focus on what you like and find more of it, instead of feeling lost and unsure.  This will help you sleep very well at night.

Sit like a tortoise.

Sit still.  Breathe deep.  Relax deeply.  This is how a tortoise sits.  They’re in no hurry at all to move again.  Psychologically, this is the time that allows you to observe, think and consider everything around you.  If finding and attaining your preferences is your job in life, what better way to plan your next move than to sit still for a time and think about where you are and where you want to go?  Reflection on your experience is powerful, but don’t look backwards too much.  Decide if you like what’s occurred so far, then spend the majority of your time sitting thinking about your next adventure and what new preferences you’ll develop along the way.

Walk sprightly like a pigeon.

When you finally do move, do it with purpose and energy.  Walk upright with good posture.  Step energetically, bouncing with the balls of your feet.  Breathe deeply with zest and vigor in each breathe.  Move consciously and appreciate all your working parts, especially how nice it is that your body functions well.  Enjoy the powerful flow of energy activity produces that flows freely through you completely.  Walking is also a powerful lymph system cleanse.  The lymph nodes and their connected system of tubes are responsible for cleansing all the toxins, dead viruses and bad bacterium out of your body.  However, the lymph system doesn’t have it’s own pump.  It relies solely on your body’s movements to function properly.  When you stretch and yawn, that is your lymph system demanding movement to avoid toxic shock to the system.  Make sure when you move to be energetic about it.

Sleep like a dog.

Sleeping is the only time the human body can actually repair itself.  If your sleep is restless, your body becomes stuck in a state of survival instead of repair and growth.  Fight or flight responses in life can lead to stress that disturbs your slumber.  Learn to release your daily challenges before bed.  Use techniques that help relieve stress, don’t eat or drink anything to close to bedtime, and don’t indulge in exciting stories, movies or activities right before you go to sleep.  Sleeping deeply without a care in the world, like a dog, is a powerful, necessary skill for everyone to master.  It requires preparation and maintenance.  Modern life has a sneaky way of working its way into your dreams.  Resist the temptation, and find peace in your sleep.  Give your mind, body and spirit a good night’s rest every time.

Li Ching-Yuen gave the world a great gift: the model to follow for a long, happy and prosperous life.  With faith, all things are possible.  This couldn’t be more true today.  We live in a world of miracles and wonders that continue to astound daily.  If you live to be two-hundred and fifty-six, what could you accomplish?  What amazing miracles would you help inspire and live to see come true?  There’s no limit with faith and confidence.  Manifest your perfect experience by focusing in each moment.  You can do it!  We believe in you.

WWN Staff