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The economic disparity in the world currently is growing rapidly.  Minimum wage enforcement is quickening the pace for businesses to integrate software and robotics out of necessity, thus destroying more jobs than ever in history.  Governments are becoming more and more restrictive and oppressive, requiring even the basic necessities of life (food, water, air, freedom) be commercialized and packaged for profit and consumption.  Global military actions are common occurrences and the finance supporting violence is greater than ever in recorded history.

What’s the point?

This has all happened before.  Everything that’s occurring in the world now has happened at some time in history previously.  Some scientist and archeologists would even argue that the technologies we’re enjoying today aren’t exactly new, but that’s another topic.  The important notion is that if you’re interested in remaining at cause in your life (not effect), then this is one of the few times in life it might benefit you to look backwards for a bit.

Manifestation requires focus and discipline.

Typically, it’s not a good idea to spend much time looking back through time.  It’s easy to become distracted and lose sight of your chief aim.  However, when dealing with extreme situations, it can be inspiring to use historical lessons to anticipate changes in the future: even leveraging them to your benefit.

There’s always another great deal.

Every moment of every day has every kind of human experience imaginable occurring simultaneously: birth, death, wealth, poverty, health, illness, peace, violence, harmony, insanity—everything.  Each moment is new and unique, but contains fully the breadth of the human experience.  That means that every new second that ticks on the clock is another opportunity for your next life-changing deal or victory to occur.  If you missed out on the last great money-making deal, don’t fret.  Another one is right around the corner.

That’s what this lesson is about.

If you remain open to the massive amounts of inspiration floating around in the air by vibrating properly, you can tap into those flashes of genius and harness their potential for you and your family.  It’s all out there waiting for you.  Use that powerful flow to your advantage.  One way to open your mind to new ideas is to study (briefly) what happened in world and economic situations like the current ones we’re experiencing now.  What did people do to find more work, make more money, protect their families and assets, stay healthy, happy and safe?  It might not be wise to copy their decisions, however, those past methods might spark the new idea for you to incorporate.  If you look for a problem, you’ll find one.  If you look for a solution, you’ll find one.

That’s exactly what The World Wealth Network does best–inspire you to find your success in everything: every moment of every day!

Here’s to your continued successful expansion!

WWN Staff